Equity intraday trading profits

Hi @NithinKamath
I had a doubt regarding the new cash profit rules. Assume I take a intraday trade worth 10000 and make a profit of 1000. According to SEBI guidelines, it will take T+2 days before the intraday profit is there in my account, meaning that the 1000 won’t be present in my account but what about the 10000. Will I be able to still use 10000 for the next day or do I have to wait for T+2 days for the equity to settle and then use the 10000.

You don’t have to wait to use your principal capital, you will be able to use the 10,000 immediately to take another trade, only the profits you have made cannot be used for T+2 days.

Everything has been explained in detail on this post.


Hi my question is that
If i buy 100 share of sbi and sell tmrw means BTST so can i purchase the shares on the same day when i sold for the value which i got from sell
Pls help

Yes, you can buy the same shares again, However, when you sell shares from your holdings, 80% of the sale proceeds are immediately credited to your account, which you can use for trading. The remaining 20% will be blocked for the day, this you’ll be able to use from the next day onwards.

So if the proceeds received from selling shares are the only funds you’ve, you won’t be able to buy back all the shares. You can check out this post which explains everything in detail.