Equity savings as a percentage of Indian financial savings

India China Brazil Indionesia Western Europe USA
5 14 15 20 29 42

Source: BSE RHP

For all the long-term investors here is a statistic which illustrates the potential of Indian financial markets. India has a very long way to go before it catches up to it’s developed peers. But as incomes and savings rise there will be an inevitable shift towards the markets, the only question is the pace of it. If the growth in MF AUM is any indication of things to come, then I guess we are in for some good times.

Guess it’s time for you to get started on Coin.:stuck_out_tongue:


I accept that long way to go for india.

I don’t think that we have to invest in equity because we are behind.

As per my knowledge Indian Stock Market P/E ratio is almost same to US Stock Market. That means Our companies have to grow before we expect further income into Equity

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