Equity trading vs Options Trading for Long Term Success

From last couple of weeks I am wondering if the long term success is possible with equity trading only? Here on this forum I can see that whoever is successful (by successful I mean earning decent money) is doing options trading only. Not just that, most traders are option sellers only.

I am not against or with any form of trading because its an individual choice. But, I want to know the potential of equity trading vs options.

I am wondering if there is any equity trader who is earning decent money on this forum? It will be great if some active equity traders can share their journey.

Tagging some active traders who can point this thread to right people or into right direction.
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Hi @jay11

I trade in Nifty Index option only and am always an option buyer. I would think one can be successful in equity trading also. Just have a plan and follow that plan well.

+1 for all the points mentioned by Gautam, tsupport…

Every one is unique and so is their trading style. I started back in 2012 and tried a lot of ways to lose money :smiley: and finally found my sweet spot in option selling. I have written a post here - Stock Market Humor

Having said this, keep exploring equity. One day, you might find your alpha too! :smiley: All the best!