Error in COIN - Weekly SIP not allowed?


Clearly there seems to be bug in COIN. I ordered for 3000 SIP on weekly basis. what i got in my portfolio is 5000 worth of units. Also, one of the fund taken as dividend reinvestment - I ordered all 3 as growth funds. see attached pics.

Also, If money utilized for MF is from Zerodha equity account, can I set standing instruction in my bank and how?


When you open the SIP window for any fund and if you are investing for the first time in any fund via SIP then it there will be 2 fields. First id the ’ Minimum Initial Investment Amount ’ and second is the ’ Installment Amount '. The former amount by default for these funds is Rs 5000 and this is the first order which will be placed once you start your SIP. The installment amounts will be subsequently invested on the due dates later.

Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Direct plan - growth option is available on COIN but you have selected the dividend payout option for this fund.

Currently. the standing instruction facility is not available for the amount to be deducted from the bank account, we are working on it.

Check this post

thanks! it worked :slight_smile: