Espresso a different layer

I am in the lookout for a platform that gives BO and speed. Speed in terms of no platform lag in between orders, seemless order modification.

Dhan has failed considerably regarding order execution in the open, ie between 9:16- 9:30.
Fyers BO execution is instant, but it has often a glitch which gives error in order modification.

Espresso layout was different from a normal platform and a dampener at first. But orders went through easy, and it’s BO has the option just to put a SL (not in absolute points) with an optional tgt. You can add the tgt after order has been executed.

Anyway, just day 1 of using espresso. if anyone has inputs regarding espresso, do give. I am concern mainly about order entries. Charting currently FYERS TV stands top, imho.

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Yesterday there was an open lag at Dhan. But today and previous days it was going through fine. Were you facing the lag issue every day ?

I am using Espresso since September 2021 but for Equity. So don’t know about f&o.
But their customer support is superfast and they call on phone within hours of dropping an email to support team


Not using Zerodha for equity?

Using Zerodha, Upstox and Espresso on rotational basis. One transaction here, another one there and so on. All for equity only.

Any particular reason for using 3 brokers, charges, features, safety, speed, or anything else?

Diversification. To protect myself from Karvy like incident. Delivery in equity is free everywhere. Only difference is AMC. Zerodha 300, Upstox 150, Espresso 400

DP charges are also different among brokers, if the churn is high, this has an impact.

Do you have a long term PF, that is with Espresso, as they are one of the oldest brokers?

No long term. DP charges are 13.5 with Zerodha and Espresso, 18.5 with Upstox. Upstox compensating low AMC with high DP charges. So doesn’t make much difference.

Don’t like d algorithm(lack of a better term) of BO for Dhan. Say, my SL unit is 3.2 pts, Dhan will put SL at farther at 5 pts.

This difference considerably alters my risk and i may lose more than i planned in case of a spike, post entry. Fyers is better in this case. It throws
the SL tgt at pin point accuracy, with the tgt sl points I gave. Doesn’t require much modification.

Dhan lags. Maybe it’s because I am a hand trader, and my entries can come around 9:16 -924. Been clicking the mouse like a monkey a good number of years. So, i know when there is a lag and orders slipped through, not because of a bid ask spread.

I know you are supporting Dhan, but Dhan is not suited for someone who trades the open.

There is GST on DP charges. And AMC are one time and DP charges are whenever we sell. Of course as your churn is less, there will not be much difference.

K noted.

No one is perfect. If you see the Dhan community, I regularly post the good and bad about Dhan. Today from my tradingview webhook the basket order for 25 lots of nifty calls just went fine. But orders like these don’t go in the time range you mentioned on most days. So will raise with Dhan again and push to make the 9:16 -9:24 experience better.

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Dhan is constantly pushing forward. That’s one thing we retailers will benefit.

Hey thanks for spreading info around. I got to know Finvasia and Dhan from you only. Guess that’s one good thing about having a community.



The thing is BO is the closest thing when it comes to automation, atleast to what i am doing. It helps my trades be put up with mandatory SL in the system, tgt i can deal later.

This has help me considerably to deal with SL’s. That’s the reason, i am looking for a platform that seamlessly provides BO.

It’s lame that Zerodha did away with BO citing volatility concerns. Yeah, we have seen SL n tgt being taken simultaneously story.

Anyway, for people struggling with big losses, try to use BO. When you see that you have to input a SL, you ll instill a SL discipline.

Are you talking about day trading, where time is limited?

For delivery, we can buy at limit order or market order, and after the order is completed, we can place TP and SL with GTT, isn’t this the same as BO?

Yes, BO is for intraday, where a SL and tgt is placed simultaneously.

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