Essar Oil delisted shares


I hold 65 shares of Essar oil and forget to choose the option which company provided to redeem the shares.

Could anyone please update me how I can sell my share now?

An exit offer was available for a 1 year period starting February 17, 2016. Since you did not tender your shares in this period, I’m afraid, there’s nothing you can do about these shares. However I found this: you can give it a try at your own risk.


Equity Shares in the Delisting Company (“Residual Shareholders”), to tender their Equity Shares for a period of one year from the Date of Delisting of the Company. Residual Shareholders can tender their Equity Shares to the Promoter at the Exit Price at any time from February 17, 2016 till February 16, 2017 (the “Exit Period”), on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in this Exit Offer Letter. This Exit Offer Letter has been dispatched to all the Residual Shareholders of the Company, who were the public shareholders of the Company as on February 10, 2016 (“Public Shareholders”).

Please find the below link for more details.

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Hi i m also in same position…Is there anywsy to get the money

@narayana_avs You can try contacting the RTA

Thank you very much Bhuvanesh…I will contact and also send a mail with details . By the way Did you got your money back?

Hi guys ,

can you please share , how to sell those ESSAR OIL share ?

Did you got any process . I am holding around 100 shares of Essar Oil .


@Nawal_Kashyap @Dorkstar1 @sunils @narayana_avs @B_Prasad
Kindly contact any of the unquoted share dealers . google it and you will find many .these people do buy unquoted shares .
At some of the dealers the share of Essar oil is being quoted as 125-175 . total price paid was about 355 per share on d listing .