ETF Enquiry (Indian Exchanges)

Are there any ETFs based on Currency, Crude Oil, Silver, Copper & Index of Foreign Countries which can be traded/invested through Indian Exchanges?

There are etfs for indices and gold. Not for other commodities you mentioned.

check this wp

Performance of ETFs

No ETFs yet for Currencies and commodities except Gold. As a matter of fact, the indices for many of these commodities were just launched recently.

As for International indices - we just have Nasdaq 100 ETF by Motial and an Hangseng Bees by Nippon. Hangeseng bees is very illiquid.

Thanks @Bhuvanesh for your nice & detailed reply with links.

ETF’s in India doesn’t see enough volume where you can trade them like stocks/commodities. But if you want to invest in the said ETF, go to your zerodha watchlist, type N100 and click on buy. Since this is an Equity product, I suggest you to hold on to a very long time for more than 5 years if you’re planning to invest in the ETF.

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Thanks for your reply @Ashish_Krishna_K