ETFs split - Nifty bees

ETFs of Nippon mf are being split in the ratio of 1:10
Nifty bees, bank bees and other etfs.

source tw

GTT orders placed for nifty bees, gold bees cancelled.
This is a good process, orders deleted based on corporate action.
Also getting a notification in mobile. Well done.


Might finally see decent liquidity in ETF’s now, given Nifty and Bank Bees were most liquid but highly priced.

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when will it show in demat…no of units in demat hasn’t increased by 10X…Demat still shows 1 Nifty bees of 1250 something…will it take 1 day to update?

After a stock split, usually the new shares will be added to your DEMAT account in 3 to 4 working days after the record date.

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@VenuMadhav @siva

So until we get the additional units credited we will not be able to sell the ETFs correct :cry::cry:

Also what happens to the pledged securities, will the number of units automatically increase there as well?

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In kite zerodha nifty bees invested amount showing zero.
Why is that.

already reported. will be sorted soon.

Will be credited in 2 days.

Nothing to worry about, will be added once units are delivered, till then full margin is reported though.

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Thanks Siva

OK, the process will take specific days, but it’s better that our portfolio should show, our original amount and units (may be in btackat)
In this way, no confusion to any one

@siva : Any update on this ?

Those units are already credited to demat.

In Console I still see discrepancy against Nifty bees and BankBees . Also Average Price is not visible and total units are also not correct .

I also do not see the additional shares/units in CDSL. Is it because all the units before Split were pledged by me?

You pledged them? it should show under pledged quantity, anyhow you can you create ticket here.