EUR-USD, GBP-USD and USD-JPY Cross Currency Derivatives to start trading from February 27th

It will take some more time, will inform all our clients once we started.

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Hello siva,
What is the update?
People are trading cross currency pairs everywhere!

Looks like the hurried launch is making it hard.

I have accounts with ICICI and Upstox and both are not allowing it, Which brokers are allowing it?

They Have to be there
The trade volumes are indeed getting executed…
Today 39500 lots and volumes have been traded in euros dollar… The market depth says of zerodha :thinking:

Im guessing the volumes are coming from institutional traders

And they are using rupee… And their trades will be finalised with previous days usdinr rate… It’s happening…
It’s not impossible

Trade is happening , Interestingly in USDJPY pair traded volume is more than open interest !!!

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This is a hurried launch from exchange end, many other brokers are also still not allowing for their retail clients, most of the current volumes are attributed by institutions. Said this, we are working to provide to our clients very soon, will keep you updated.

Hello, is it now possible to trade in cross currency?

i want to trade cross curency pairs , but how can i calculate p&l & brokerage for cross currency,did you zerodha have updated their brokerage calculator for cross curency pairs too?


Dear Zerodha, Its nearly 2 months since the launch of cross currency derivatives trading but still blocked in your trading system, can you please update if you plan to allow trading in the same and if yes by when ?

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India is like this, they talk and waste money behind garbage stuffs like trading hours, margin exposure with feminist fearful mentality… …
Instead fat stomachs never see or think about implementing.

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Hi Team Zerodha, when do you plan to unblock cross currency trading its 7 months now since its launch?

They are still working on it and are waiting for a clarification from the exchanges. We should respect their risk in allowing cross-currency trading as a brokerage :slight_smile:

Hello Sir,

As we know the cross currency derivatives trade on international market for 24 Hrs. a day.
So, if the trading timings will be from 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM for the contracts then how will the price data will be synchronised. Won’t it cause sudden gap ups and downs if the data of the intermediate timings will be missing?

dont even bother…

There is no volume…

This is simply hogwash…

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Does zerodha support cross currency f&o yet? Can’t find them on kite

Cross Currency F&O aren’t available.

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Is this available now or is it dismissed. @Bhuvan @ShubhS9 @siva
I cant even see this NSE website

anyone ?