Eurusd future chart analysis

I’m looking for a better Eurusd fut chart for technical analysis, eurusd charts from and GCI metatrader4 not matching with zerodha eurusd fut charts, there is more than 20 pips of price gap between zerodha and gci charts ( eurusd zerodha 1.1489, gci 1.1467 )

please suggest a better platform with price match.


looks like you are new to forex world.

GCI is OTC broker , they are not regulated by exchanges. While eurusd fut is traded on NSE exchange. OTC brokers make their own price.

if you looking to trade futures you have Z kite charts and thats all you need. you need not look at GCI or any other forex brokers charts.

if you want a more reliable feed , then look at global data feed or any other NSE authorized data providers feed.

My sense of the market has been off point this week. When I don’t understand something, I don’t make predictions. Given that market prices are swinging in all directions on the statements of officials, today I’ve uploaded the daily chart for our pair. We can clearly see that the bears are pushing towards the lower line of the A-A channel. Today’s bar runs through 1.1450, and the trend line through 1.1390. If the euro continues its decline against the greenback at this pace, the pair should reach the trend line (TR from 1.0340) at around 1.14. The correction on the growth from 1.1301 to 1.1815 has passed the 61.8% Fibonacci level. The 76.4% Fibo is at 1.1420 (around the trend line). We can expect a rebound from there