Every data source (website) have different value for industry PE/ sector PE

One thing I would like to ask, which source of the website should be considered as authentic. Because as I check for sector PE or industry PE, I found different values for the same company.
Ex. Zensar Technologies
Sector PE in Tickertape = 18.41
Sector PE in Moneycontrol = 19.22
Sector PE in Screener = 11.47
As mentioned above example you can see 3 different values for the same company, which I should consider as the correct one?

Do your own calculation and find out the P/E yourself.

IF YOU CANNOT FIND OUT A P/E, then you must invest via mutual funds. Equities ain’t for you!

@itsadam I am just asking for authentic website, I cant do the basic mathematics for every stock which i look for, when the data is easily available. And I have mentioned PE just for an example purpose. There are many more factors which we need to check (hoping you are calculating each and every value by your own). If you don’t have correct answer than don’t give irrelevant answer. Just ignore the question.

@fazi You can go via mutual funds. Only keep like 10k for trading, once you learn trading then you can reap the benefits.

P/Es should be on the tip of your tongue, you’ll instantly know what’s authentic on seeing it instantly.

Tickertape has the correct information.

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Few uses at consolidated level and few others at standalone basis. Few may be giving based on quarterly figures and few on annual basis, most based on historical earning and few on future expected earnings, so one should check all star marks.

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@itsadam thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated.

@siva thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated. …