Every time a chart template is loaded for each chart all the indicators get overlap at the bottom, any solution?

Below is the chart of LT (1hour), I have applied 4 indicators at the bottom of the price chart. I have saved this as an chart template. I need to check the charts with type of indicators and only then I decide to buy and sell.

The problem is each time I load a chart and apply a template to it all the indicators get overlap at the bottom, see second image. The indicators are not properly visible and hence I need to manually adjust there heights every time I load a chart. During the day traders generally go through like 50-100 charts and it is very annoying you have to manually adjust them. It is a basic feature in any chart package.

Please help on this.

thanks in advance.

Mayur K

Yes, what you are asking for definitely make sense and it is also in our list of things to do and we will be working to fix this in coming new releases of Pi.

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Thank you Siva,
I hope it happens sooner …good luck for the future releases …