Everything you need to know about BSE's Electronic Gold Receipts (EGRs)

In her budget speech last year, India’s finance minister had announced that a Gold Exchange would be set up under the supervision of SEBI. Following this, SEBI has floated a consultation paper in May 2021 seeking comments and earlier this year, SEBI issued Framework for Gold Exchange in India.

BSE recently published a presentation on how EGRs will be traded on the exchange along with other specifications.

What are Electronic Gold Receipts?

Electronic Gold Receipts or EGR is an instrument representing gold in electronic and demat form and are notified as securities, with trading, clearing and settlement features similar to other securities that are currently available in India.

EGR Journey

How do Electronic Gold Receipts work? ( Features, Onboarding, product specifications and operations)

How do Electronic Gold Receipts compare against other products?

  • Besides physical investment in gold, which is widely popular in India. Currently you can invest in gold in multiple forms via stock exchanges, such as Gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) and trading in Gold Futures and Options contracts.

  • Electronic Gold Receipts (EGR) will be another avenue available through which you can invest in gold via exchanges. Here’s how EGR compares against other forms of investment;

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How can we invest in EGR? What keyword do we type in the Kite watchlist to make a purchase?

Hi Raushan, we’re working on making EGRs available for trading on Kite. This will take some time. We’ll update you once it is available.

For now, you can invest in SGB on Kite and through Coin whenever a new SGB issue is open: Coin – Zerodha

You can keep track of SGB issuance dates here: Upcoming Sovereign Gold Bond issues

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