Everything You Need to Know About Burger King India IPO

That’s true.

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Is there any other mechanism apart from UPI to block funds for IPO as UPI has transaction limits of max Rs 1 lakh per day and that to varies from bank to bank. How to apply if total amount required for applying the IPO is more than 1 lakh Rs.

Please inform.

Through UPI you can apply for IPO with a maximum of Rs. 2 lakhs, this is also the maximum limit for retail investors, Alternatively, you can also apply using Netbanking ASBA, you can read this post to know the process.

I too faced issue with Google Pay not giving any mandate. My UPI in GPay is @okhdfcbank. But in the IPO I saw that my UPI was @mobile_number which was in my BHIM app.

I switched to BHIM and indeed got my mandate and my money was successfully blocked.

Hi guys,

I applied for Burger king IPO via UPI at the last date of closure. I got a mandate and while giving approval I didn’t get any password authorization from UPI. My question is whether the blocking of money is successful or not ? how may I find the status of my IPO application status(not allotment status) and from where. I also attached my IPO screen, in that it shows money blocked is none. Anyone suggest a good issueless way to participate in IPO concerned

about transactions.
Thank You .

You can check your bank statement to confirm whether funds have been blocked or not, you can verify your IPO Bid on NSE website.

Also, Console displays the UPI status last received from the exchange. This status is likely to get updated as the banks reconcile their records with the exchange. The exchange will share their file with the RTA at the end of the issue and the RTA will check if the amounts are blocked using the bank’s file to do the final reconciliation before allotment. If your funds are blocked your application will be considered for allotment.

If UPI isn’t working, you can also apply using Netbanking ASBA, you can read this post to know the process.

Thank you @ShubhS9

has anyone got allotment of Burger King IPO.Has the allotment completed?

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no info available

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@sudheer_kumar @mmaheshlic nothing yet… better to check tomorrow.


How to check allotment of shares? @ShubhS9

You can check IPO Allotment details on NSE website or website of RTA.

It looks like LinkInTime hasn’t yet uploaded the details, maybe check later.

Can some one tell me how do i check my allotment status for burgerking ipo
I tried some links but its showing no records found
If not alloted how can i get my money back
I applied through zerodha kite

Explained above.

If you do not receive IPO Allotment, the refund will be initiated today, once this is done you will receive refund in your bank account.

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The blocked amount which was shown as “Hold Funds” until now in netbanking has been debited from my account few minutes ago.
Does it mean I have been allotted the shares?

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Looks like it, funds are debited only when you receive the allotment.

Thanks very much

No waiting

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Not allotted :hot_face:

Update: It seems the LinkInTime website has uploaded the details and now you can check the allotment status.