Everything You Need to Know About Burger King India IPO

Update: It seems the LinkInTime website has uploaded the details and now you can check the allotment status.

lets try in secondary market now :slight_smile: I too didnt get allotment

i applied for the ipo and blocked my amount with phone pe. till yesterday it was blocked, today morning it was released. but i got allotment status in messages and email saying that i have been allotted, but the money is not deducted from my bank account. im facing a different issue here, can anybody solve this…

I have not got allotment when will be my money refunded ?

Hi, would request you to get in touch with Registrar, LinkInTime at [email protected], they should help you with this issue.

You can also call them at 022 4918 6200.

Refund initiation date is December 10, once all the process is done the amount blocked should be released in your bank account.

UPI-Mandate successfully Revoked towards BURGER KING INDIA LI for Rsxxx.00. Funds unblocked frm A/cXXXXXX0888.

What’s it

It’s means you not get the burger king Ipo and blocked money for ipo in your account is now released.


You must have not received the allotment, so the funds which were blocked have been released back in your bank account.

I paid through gpay and not got allotment but amount is still blocked. If i open gpay and go to mandate then i can see that its still pending for amount withdrawal. Will i get the refund after mandate end i.e on 22 December?

From where you received this message?

Refund has been initiated yesterday, you should receive it soon. Sometimes it can take up to Mandate End Date for funds to get released in your account.

If it is taking time, you can contact NPCI at [email protected] with your application number, IFSC Code and Bank account number and also get in touch with your Bank.

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