Everything You Need to Know About Clean Science and Technology IPO

Clean Science and Technology Limited is launching its IPO. The public offer comprises an offer for sale of equity shares worth Rs.1,400 crores from promoters and other shareholders.

About the company:

Clean Science and Technology Limited is a manufacturer of functionally critical specialty chemicals such as Performance Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, and FMCG Chemicals which are used as key starting level materials, as inhibitors, or as additives with a wide range of applications across industries such as Agro-Chemical, Animal Feed, Food Packaging, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, etc.

The company manufacturers and distribute its products in India as well as other regulated international markets including China, Europe, the United States of America, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. In Fiscal 2020 and in the nine months ended December 31, 2020, revenue from operations for sales outside India represented 68.76% and 65.36% of companies total revenue from operations. Some of the company’s key customers include Bayer AG, SRF Limited, Gennex Laboratories Limited, Nutriad International NV, and Vinati Organics Limited, etc.

Financial Snapshot:

Financial Year Ended Revenue (₹ Crores) PAT (₹ Crores) EPS (₹)
March 2019 404.56 97.66 9.19
March 2020 430.17 139.63 13.15
March 2021 538.07 198.38 18.68

For more information, you can refer to the IPO Prospectus filed by the company.

IPO Schedule:

Event Date
Issue Period 7th July 2021 to 9th July 2021
Price Range ₹ 880 - 900
Minimum Bid Quantity 16 and in multiples thereof
Finalisation of Allotment 14th July 2021
Initiation of Refunds 15th July 2021
Credit of Shares 16th July 2021
Listing Date 19th July 2021

How do I apply to the Clean Science and Technology IPO?

You can apply for the Clean Science and Technology IPO using any supported UPI app by following two steps:

  • Enter your bid on Console.

  • Accept UPI mandate on your phone

On acceptance of the mandate, the bid amount will get blocked in your bank account. Click here to learn more.


@ShubhS9 kind request to put the following

  1. No of retail forms required for 1x
  2. How much is required for HNI for 1x subscription
  3. Total value of the IPO
  4. Pre and post IPO promotors share.

It will become helpful to retail investors for GMP calculation purpose.

I just try to keep it simple so it is easier to understand. Though, thank you for your feedback, well try and incorporate more information :slightly_smiling_face:

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Shares were supposed to be allotted on 14th but I have not received any information regarding this.
Please help me out in this regard.

Dates are tentative and sometimes there can be delay. You can keep check on RTAs website, once the allotment is finalized, it’ll be available there.

Thanks for sharing this.

Question - As per RTAs website, I’ve been allotted shares. But I just got a text from my bank - ‘HDFC Bank: UPI transfer of 14229.00 on 15-07-21 has timed out. Final Status will be updated in 3 working days.’ Any idea on what’s the status of my application? The amount has been deducted from my account.