Everything You Need to Know About IRCTC OFS

IRCTC has announced OFS (Offer for Sale) of about 2,40,00,000 equity shares, the offer will open for subscription on December 10, 2020 for non-retail investors, and December 11, 2020 for retail investors. You can check the announcement from the company here.

Issue Details
Issue Period December 10, 2020 - December 11, 2020
Non-Retail Investors December 10, 2020
Retail Investors December 11, 2020
Floor Price Rs. 1,367

How Do I Apply for IRCTC OFS?

You can place your bid for IRCTC OFS on Console, you can read this post for detailed information.


Funds required for applying OFS should be available during trading hours or at the end of day margin?

You should have sufficient funds in your trading account on the offer end date before the cut off time (2:30 PM) to get the allotment. Also, credit received from selling stocks on the OFS bidding day will not be considered towards the order placement.

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Can we bid under NII tmrw? Or only retail is allowed

Tomorrow window will be open for Retail Investors, for Non-Retail Investors, bidding period was open today.

I applied for IRCTC OFS today in zerodha when I will receive shares to my demat account?
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If you receive the allotment, shares will be credited to your Demat account on T+2 day.

Made a deposit in my trading account this morning and applied through console somewhere around 8 am as the start time was 7.53 AM. when Do I get a notification if I have been allocated any share? the money has not been debited from my trading account I still can see it. somewhere I read that broker gets to know the allotment status at 6 PM T day so if the fund has not been debited from my account by now does it mean no shares have been allocated to me?

how can i verify whether my IRCTC OFS is alloted or not?!

Applied for OFS sometime around 01 pm,But funds are still undebited from my trading account .Just got a mail stating my order was placed not accepted in the exchange,I am just confused out of my mind :laughing:

  • List item Normally when would we know that an allocation has been made to us and when will the shares be delivered?

  • List item Is there anything i need to do regarding the error mail i just receieved?

Any clarification would be much appreciated :pray:

"We would like to inform you that your OFS order for IRCTC was placed at the Exchange but was not accepted. We have taken up the matter with the Exchange.

Team Zerodha."

Why?? Any reason??

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@ShubhS9 I and my friend also received the same mail. You mean to say that all the orders from Zerodha failed? If yes, is there any chance of reconsideration and allocation?

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Like others, I have also received a mail from Zerodha on the matter of the failed IRCTC OFS bid. Could you help up all to understand what exactly has gone wrong and how this issue is going to get resolved?

We would like to inform you that your OFS order for IRCTC was placed at the Exchange but was not accepted. We have taken up the matter with the Exchange.

Team Zerodha"

Even I got the same email from Zerodha.
Whose problem it is?

Got same email.
First try at OFS… :disappointed:


@siva @ShubhS9, any update on it?
It seems on couple of other brokers i have, the alloment of the shares have already happened.

Looks lk It’s not gonna happen :(… But no proper clarification from Zerodha team is worst…

Not getting an alottement is not the worry here,No one cares to reply .I have tweeted to them ,Raised a ticket but no replies anywhere .Dear Mr.Nithin @nithin ,Why can’t anyone update us on what’s what? Keeping us in the dark for no fault of ours isn’t fair .Hope things change

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Hey, there was a tech issue where the orders that we submitted didn’t get accepted on the exchange platform. (some capacity constrain in terms of how many orders can be accepted at one time). We had sent an email saying that the order was rejected.

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