Everything you need to know about Shriram Transport Finance Corporation rights issue

Yes, you have two ways to apply for rights shares.

Make sure you enter correct number, in your case 1308.

This is alright.


You can apply till midnight, but don’t leave it this late.

You sold your shares on 24th, you should be able to withdraw funds on 28th evening, once processed your funds will be transferred within 24 hours (Say you will have funds in your bank account by 29 evening) you will still have a day to apply for rights shares.

Sir actually i was holding 260 shares of shri ram transport share and was given a right issue of 30 shares in which i don’t want to apply for.
But suddenly it started showing on the tradin platform as srtransrebe and it was looking quite cheap so i bought total of 102 shares @ 107 and today it is not showing even in my holdings and my total portfolio balance is also reduced by around 12000 rupees would i get my money back which i paid in this ree bee in case i dont apply for rights issue.
As i had the option for only 30 shares and i bought 102 rebe shares.
Don’t know what to do please help.

The RE’s have stopped trading, so you won’t see them in Kite holdings anymore, though they are still in your Demat and can be viewed in holdings on Console.

No you won’t get your money back. You will have to apply for rights shares or you will lose all the money paid to buy these RE’s.

You can use those 102 RE’s to apply for Rights Shares as well, you can apply for total 132 shares now.

Sir i have my bank account in sbi how would i be able to apply for these 132 shares ??
And for how much time my money would be blocked?
Would i get all 132 shares?
I have my account with zerodha?

And sir will the trading price woul be same for all srtransfin share or it would trade at different price or the same price for example current price of rupees 706 per share.
And what would you suggest should i buy those 132 shares to avoid my 11000 loss is it worthy to invest in srtransfin re be share?

Yes, you can apply via SBI, the process is similar to applying for IPO via Net Banking ASBA, the process is explained here.

Funds will be blocked until allotment happens.

Yes, you will get 132 shares.

The price will be the same for these shares.

Can’t tell about future prospects about the company, but if you don’t apply for rights shares you will lose all the money paid to purchase RE’s.

Would allotment take around 1 month to get completed?
And there are complete chances that i would be allocated 132 shares since i have paid 107 rupees per share for 102 shares quantity and the rights issue which i hot for 30 shares?

And per share price which i need to pay is 570 or 590???
So basically that ree be option was for those clients who do bot have Shriram transport share and still wants to apply in the rights issue they need to pay the premium between 80-140 per share?
But if i didn’t get whole 132 shares would there be a partial repayment of those share @107 which is my buying price?

Tentative date of allotment is 11th August.

Yes, you are eligible for 132 shares and you will get 132 shares.

You need to pay 570 per share when you apply for Rights Shares.

Those shareholders who didn’t want to apply for Rights Shares, sold RE’s at premium to those who wanted to apply for rights shares. It can be anyone, existing shareholders who wanted to apply for extra shares or those who didn’t have shares and wanted to apply for rights issue.

This is not like IPO where your chances are allotment are less if issue is oversubscribed.

Since you have 132 RE’s, you are eligible for 132 shares and you will be allotted 132 shares.

Sir, what time , in HDFC it will be reflected to apply right share… Morning I checked it is not available

( I bought on Thursday)

RE’s will be credited to your Demat account today. You will receive email and SMS from CDSL when they are credited.

HDFC Bank should show Open Issues on their IPO application page, if it isn’t showing you can apply via registrar’s portal.

Sir, I have placed order an new IPO and order is successfully placed,

Under Fund release tab in HDFC IPO, I need to click on “Release” button then only it’s a proper order placed or automatically it ll be done

Sir, I didn’t get mail or sms from CDSL yet, you have any idea whom we need to check when it ll be received??

You will get by the end of the day.

This delay due to which I bought on Thursday or it is the process ?

This is usual process. It takes two working days for shares to reach your Demat account.

Sir, still in my hdfc NetBanking it is not yet reflected… But got 1 mail from CDSL yesterday reg “transactions in your demat account” stating onne tablular column

In that case, you can apply via registrar’s portal .

This must be for RE’s being credited to your account.

By today EOD, it ll be available in my hdfc or it should be by now ? I didn’t get message also

Sir, any update on my query?