Everything you need to know about Tata Technologies IPO

I have capital to apply 6 lots and I have total 4 diffrent demate accounts 2 demate account with share of tata motor and 2 without How should I apply exactly should I apply 1 lot in each 4 as retail and 1 lot in each of the 2 account as share holder or should I apply 3 in each demate with shareholder?

Where do we see option under HNI using Zerodha?

Hi, how to use HNI (S) category. There are only 3 options available. Please suggest

There is no specific selection to apply for an IPO in the HNI category. Any bid greater than ₹2 lacs is automatically considered HNI in Individual investor category which is divided into retail/HNI small and HNI based on the bid amount


My head was spinning a bit thinking about all the scenarios. :sweat_smile:

On a serious note, In a big IPO like this with massive public interest, getting an allotment is equivalent to the lottery. One who applies for multiple lots may get zero allotment like it used to happen with me in the past :smiley: and someone who applied for only 1 lot may also get allotment but probability favors the first one.

If I were in your place, I would have kept it simple and would have applied for 3 lots in 2 accounts in the retail and shareholder category. But, if you are not lazy like me, you can also try the first option that you mentioned.

But, probability is more or less the same in both cases with a slightly better chance in accounts where you have applied in both categories. (2 accounts as you mentioned)

If you are still unable to decide, Toss the coin and go for it. :sweat_smile: Cheers


Hi ,

How employee CATEROGRY WORKS while applying IPO .how they will verify im an employee or not. It is not asking any proofi when i try to apply ipo through employee option.

My friend is working in tata motors. Can i apply ippo through his employee id or name. Kindly help

It’s for TATA Tech employees.

The RTA will have the details and will reject any ineligible applications during the allotment.

Employee reservation is only for those working at Tata Technologies.

I have some shares of Tata Motors in my HUF accounts. How to apply for Tata Technologies IPO?

I tried pre-applying under the category : Existing Shareholder but Kite App says that HUF is not eligible in this category. Whereas, the intimation received from the company states that even HUF is eligible.

But still this is the error, I get in Kite

Hi @Ashwin_Gupta, checking this. Will get back to you on this.

Shareholder category is based upon PAN or account? I am holding Tata Motors share in zerodha so for applying under Shareholder category should I apply for IPO from Zerodha account only or is it fine to apply under Shareholder category from ICICI account?

a bit of context here as i hold tata motors shares im eligible to apply under two categories

@Meher_Smaran i believe you mentioned that applying for more lots increases probability of allotment could you share more information on how the allotment occurs
lets say its a oversubscription

Case 1:
Retail Category - 1 Lot
Existing Shareholder Category - 1 Lot

Case 2:
Retail Category - 13 Lots
Existing Shareholder Category - 13 Lot

also share more info on Small HNI Probability

Thanks in advance

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I am in the process of converting my residency status. In the process my NRI trading account has been closed. ICICI will open RI trading a/c and transfer my shareholding. In the meantime, how i can apply for IPO both retail and as tata motors shareholder.

Hi @Naresh_R

In the NII (2 to 10 lacs) category, the allotment will be done on a draw of lots basis (lottery basis like the retail category). In the NII (above 10 lacs) category, the allotment process will remain pro-rata.

For example, an IPO is subscribed 10 times in both the NII categories and you are applying for an IPO in the NII category:

  • For 5 lacs - There is a 10% probability of you getting an allotment of Rs. 2 lacs. [Before the change in regulation, you would have received a firm allotment of shares worth Rs. 50 thousand]
  • For 50 lacs - You will get an allotment of shares worth 5 lacs.
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Hi @sundaresan_a

Since fresh physical shares are no longer issued for listed companies, One needs to have a demat account to apply for an IPO.

You can contact ICICI for further guidance on this. They should be able to help you out with this.

I believe in case of a oversubscription
Applying for a single lot vs 13 lots for this perticular ipo doesn’t change the odds of me getting a single lot alloted right ?

With assumptions such as it’s oversubscribed so much such that not everyone in that category can get 1 lot

hence it will have to be computerized lottery at that point of time I believe it’s a application based lottery vs lots applied based lottery like I only get one change for my one application and not 13 chances since I applied for 13 lots right ?

I am applying for the SHA category. getting this error.

Can you try applying now, Naman?

Hi @Ashwin_Gupta, you should be able to apply in shareholder category from HUF account today. Please check.

If we apply same no of lots in Shareholder and retail category, does the allotment happen in one category only or both?