Everything You Need to Know About the Aurum PropTech Rights Issue

Aurum PropTech Ltd. (AURUM) will issue Right Entitlements (RE’s) to anyone who holds its shares as of April 14, 2022 (record date). You will be eligible to receive Rights Entitlements (REs) if you have bought the shares on or before April 11, 2022. The ex-date is April 12, 2022.

These RE’s will be temporarily traded on the stock exchanges and will then be extinguished. You can either use the RE’s to apply for the rights shares of Aurum PropTech or you can sell them in the market. You can check the announcement from the company here.

Issue Details
Ex-Date April 12 , 2022
Record Date April 14, 2022
Ratio 3:2
Issue Price ₹ 80
Issue Period April 26, 2022 to May 10, 2022
RE Trading Period April 26, 2022 to May 5, 2022
Tentative Date of Allotment May 18, 2022
Tentative Date of Listing May 25, 2022

This is a partly-paid issue, meaning you only have to make part payment at the time of application.

Amount payable per equity share Face Value Premium Total
On Application 1.25 18.75 20
One or more additional calls as may be decided by the company 3.75 56.25 60
Total 5 75 80

If you continue holding partly-paid shares of Aurum PropTech when the company makes a call for the balance payment, you will be liable to pay the balance sum. Alternatively, if you sell the partly-paid shares, the buyer will be liable to pay the sum.

How to apply for Aurum PropTech Rights Issue?

Once you either receive the REs from the company or purchase them from the market, you can apply for the rights shares using Netbanking ASBA or offline by submitting a Application Form to the Designated Branch of the SCSB (Self Certificate Syndicate Bank). You can check the process in this post .

The option to apply for rights shares through the RTAs portal is not available for this rights issue.

You will need to enter your demat account’s Beneficiary Owner ID which is a 16-digit number while applying for the rights issue.

If you face any difficulties applying for the rights issue, you can get in touch with the RTA at [email protected] or at +91 40 6716 2222.

What will happen to my purchased holding of RE shares if I do not apply for the rights issue?

Your REs will lapse and you will lose the premium paid to acquire them. The RE will be in the form of temporary demat securities which will lapse if not renounced/exercised once the trading window is closed.

I don’t have the shares but bought REs, am I still eligible to apply for the rights issue?

In case you have bought REs but don’t have shares, you’re still eligible for the rights issue. You may apply for the rights shares either through the RTA’s portal or via net banking ASBA if your bank allows it. If you don’t take any action, and let the REs remain in your Zerodha account, they will lapse after the issue.

You can read more FAQ’s on Rights Issue and Rights Entitlements here.


Form NET Banking ASBA and From the RTA website there are no options to apply for the Right issue?
When it will be live or Is it only through the Offline process?

The option to apply for rights shares through the RTAs portal is not available for this rights issue. If not available on Netbanking ASBA as well, then you will need to apply offline by visiting the branch of the SCSB, you can down the application form here.

I have received 210 Aurum-RE shares. I am applying for the issue using Union Bank of India NetBanking ASBA. Please let me know if I have entered the bidding details correctly(as in the screenshot attached). I have entered 210 under “No Of Shares” and 80 under “Bid Price”. The “Total Value” has been calculated. I have left Bid2, Bid3 blank.

This is correct, @pkm2267.

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When I’m trying to apply for RE the bid Amt & cut off price is not editable. Is this option disabled when applying? If I need to apply below the cut-off price can I apply or not? How things work over here?

In rights issues, you can only apply at the price set by the company, not above or below the price. Aurum PropTech is issuing these shares at Rs. 80 per share, but you need to only make a part payment, ie. Rs. 20 while applying. The remaining payment has to be made whenever the company makes a call for it.

My order is executed so where can I track or when can I receive the rights shares in my Demat?

The tentative date for allotment for the rights shares is May 18. These will reflect in your holdings on Kite on the date of listing (May 23, 2022).


I’ve been allotted the rights issue. However, it hasn’t reflected in my Kite account as on 23rd May.
Has the listing date been postponed?

The shares are scheduled to list on 25th May.

I received aurum proptech rights shares but there is some discrepancy which I see in app. I dnt seethe price at which the shares received. Can anybody let me know how to solve this discrepancy? How can I know at which price the shares credited to my account?

The buy average for partly-paid shares of Aurum Proptech will be updated from our end in a couple of days. You can keep track of Corporate Action status here: Corporate actions - Google Sheets

Is there any tentative date when the company will make a call for the balance payment? How will I be notified about it?

There is no tentative date available. The company will send you a notification when the window for balance payment is about to open.