Everything You Need to Know About the KPR Mill Buyback

KPR Mill Limited (KPRMILL) has announced buyback of 22.36 lakh equity shares at the price of Rs. 805 per share and has fixed February 19, 2022, as the record date to determine the shareholders who will be eligible for the buyback. You can check the announcement from the company here.

You will be eligible for buyback if you have bought shares on or before February 16, 2022, the ex-date is February 17, 2022.

Buyback Schedule

Event Date
Buyback Opening Date March 25, 2022
Buyback Closing Date April 7, 2022
Credit of payment for accepted shares/credit of unaccepted shares to demat account April 19, 2022

How do I apply for the KPR Mill buyback?

The KPR Mill buyback window will open on March 25, 2022 and close on April 7, 2022. You can tender the shares during this period via Console. You can check out the process here.

You can keep track of all the latest Buybacks, Takeovers, Delistings on Bulletin.

What are the categories in which I can tender shares in buyback?

There are two categories Retail and General through which one can tender shares in the buyback. The value of shares held in the demat account by February 19, 2022 (record date) end-of-the-day will determine the category through which one will be eligible to apply.

All shareholders holding shares worth Rs. 200,000 or less will be considered under the Retail category. While those holding shares worth more than Rs. 200,000 will be considered under the General category.

Entitlement Ratio
Retail Category 1 share for every 16 shares held on record date
General Category 5 share for every 891 shares held on record date

You can check out more details here.

I’ve pledged shares of KPR Mill, will I be eligible for buyback?

Yes, even if the shares are pledged, you are eligible for all corporate action benefits. However, you will have to unpledge the shares before tendering them in the buyback.

Do I need to submit POA to tender shares in buyback?

POA is not needed to tender shares in the buyback. You can apply for buyback by authorizing CDSL TPIN and OTP.

I had sold KPR Mill shares after the record date, can I still take part in buyback?

Yes, as you were holding the shares on record date you are eligible. You can buy the shares back and tender them in the buyback.

Can I tender more shares than I’m entitled for?

If you tender more shares than your entitlement, whether these additional shares will be accepted for buyback or not will solely depend on the acceptance ratio decided by the company. The shares which are not accepted will be credited back to your demat account by the RTA.