Everything You Need to Know About the LIC IPO

Thankyou for this information. I was researching this for a while. This was very well explained. Thanks again!

LIC again is the classic example of ‘Never Invest in a Govt. run Company’. The 1991 economic reforms itself were brought in so that the govt. don’t need to run companies and investing in such PSUs is contradictory to that reforms.

While you are entitled to your opinion, you cannot simply write off a company just because it is a PSU. A long running and long growth business if bought at reasonable price will still be a profitable bet.

And as far as LIC is concerned, I don’t think even analysts have followed the business until now, except for the comparison with private companies, and now that it is listed, it will be followed, analyzed. So in that sense, its listing journey has started only now, and time will tell if it can retain market share, become more profitable, acquire more assets, distribute good dividends etc.

Off course its your money to invest, if you are convinced you can always invest in it.

That is the whole point, conviction. Conviction is the one of the reasons why buying and selling take place.

Seller - I got to get rid of this :thinking:

Buyer - I have to buy this, I see some value :grinning:

I hold some of this. No point in selling. It is pledged and I don’t see it on kite, so :stuck_out_tongue:

So what you pledge is not visible on Kite? Never pledged so asking.

Why is that, cant they just show but disable the selling option?

You can see it in console, not in kite.

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LIC is a wise long-term investment that will prosper when the market stabilises and the economy starts to grow again. In the event of a muted offering, LIC policyholders and staff would still profit because they purchased the IPO shares at a discount. Such investors may make even more money if they keep the IPO shares for a long time.

How much discount did the policy holders get? at what price did they get the stock?

The discount for policyholders was Rs. 60. The issue price was Rs. 949, so a policyholder got the allotment at Rs. 889. Click here to check out how you can look this up online. :grin:

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Hi @ShubhS9
Where can I get the information about the all investments made by LIC?
is it possible to track LIC quarterly investments ie when, how much and at what price did the LIC make investment?

This is a good resource.

Thanks for sharing, but I have already checked this and found a lot of discrepencies so this is not reliable at all. for say LIC owns a big chunk of Coal India, SBI Bank and other PSUs but they an’t mentioned here.
Thanks though

Does LIC publish such type of any data for their investors? Or can we (as an investor) request them to provide us with the information of all investments?

I’m not sure if they disclose it. The data you see publicly are from exchange filings.