Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

MnM financials.
If I buy the shares on 20th july and sell them on 22nd July.
July 23rd is the record date.

Will I be enlightened for the rights? JUST WANTED A CLEAR AND SURE ANSWER FOR THIS ONE.

You should be eligible. Similar query was already answered above

What is the process to buy M&M finance shares using rights online ?
I have sbi account which support ASBA services.

The process is already explained above, read the full main post.

I had bought 1500 shares in M&M shares today(21/07). That means I will get the RE to apply for 1500 shares, as it is in 1:1 ratio. My question is when i apply for these 1500 shares at 50Rs on 28/07, is it guaranteed that I get the 1500 shares or is it like an IPO allotment? Please guide!


Thank you, i have gone through the post. It explains the process of applying for rights via physical forms. I want to know the process of applying online through NetBanking like for IPO .

You will get allotment for 1500 shares.

The process is similar to applying for IPO via Net Banking, you can read this post to know more

Okay thanks. So when the rights offer become active, it will show up in sbi website like an IPO ?
and i have demat account with zerodha, so can i apply for rights via sbi NetBanking ?

Yes, even now if you take a look at SBI’s ASBA services page you will see two open issues Shriram Transport Finance and Aditya Birla Fashion.

Yes, read the post I linked you to to know how to proceed.

Awesome, thank you so much for help !!!

Thank you Shubh.
One more question. Since I bought the shares today, Can i do a BTST trade tomorrow on 22nd, still get the eligibility for RE.

Same question here

@mohitmehra can you.

@mohitmehra, @ShubhS9 This is a repeat question. Are you sure that If I buy on 22nd I am not eligible for RE and the seller is eligible for RE. Because this video says the other way round: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVrOmpGiaTc.
Who is eligible for RE of the stock traded tomorrow 22nd July. The buyer or the seller?

Shares are credited in your demat account in a T+2, since record date is 23rd any shares purchased on 22nd the shares will not be credited to you till 24th. hence the seller will still be eligible for the RE and not the buyer.

So in BTST transaction the shares do not enter your demat account, the broker manages the trades in the back end to provide you the advantages of BTST, you do not get charged DP charges. Hence if you sell on 22nd and your broker manages it efficiently then you will not be on the records on the 23rd after market hours when the registrar will check the record from the demat account.

@ShubhS9 @mohitmehra I also havevthe same question.The video clearly states that We as buyers on 22 July 2020 would be eligible for Rights as the T+1 days the stock will be credited to the pool of My broker ie.Zerodha and ultimately it belongs to me so I will be entitled.

Please provide clarification about this

I bought today(21st july) M&M finance share at 2PM and please answer my questions

1)is M&M finance shares alloted to my demat account on 23rd ?(because 23rd is the last to register shares in my account) ?
2)if alloted how can i confirm it is alloted or not?
3)if shares alloted after 3:30PM is there any impact to apply for right issue ?
4)if i sold my M&M shares on 24th morning, i am still eligible to apply for right issue ?

If there is no Short Delivery, shares should be in your Demat account on 23rd.

On allotment, you will receive email and SMS from CDSL stating credit of RE’s to your Demat.

Yes, you will be eligible.

@mohitmehra can you clarify this.

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