Everything You Need to Know About Urja Global Rights Issue

Urja Global will issue Right Entitlements (RE’s) to anyone who holds its shares as on record date January 15, 2021.

These RE’s will be temporarily traded on the stock exchanges and will then be extinguished. You can either use the RE’s to apply for the rights shares of Urja Global or you can sell them in the market. You can check the announcement from the company here.

Issue Details
Ex-Date January 14, 2021
Record Date January 15, 2021
Ratio 7:71
Issue Price ₹ 5
Issue Period January 25, 2021 to February 10, 2021
RE Trading Period January 25, 2021 to February 5, 2021
Tentative Date of Allotment February 18, 2021
Tentative Date of Listing February 22, 2021
Schedule Face Value Premium Total
On Application 0.25 1 1.25
One or more subsequent Calls 0.75 3 3.75
Total 1 4 5

How to apply for Urja Global Rights Issue?

Once you either receive the RE’s from the company or purchase it from the market, you can apply for the rights shares using Netbanking ASBA or offline by submitting the Application Form or plain paper application to the Designated Branch of the SCSB (Self Certificate Syndicate Bank). You can check the process in this post.

You will need to enter your demat account’s Beneficiary Owner ID which is a 16-digit number while applying through Netbanking ASBA.

In case you’re facing any difficulties applying for Rights Issue, you can get in touch with the RTA to the issue Alankit Assignments Limited at
011 42541955 or at: [email protected]


I tried many times to sell REs on my zerodha’s kite platform but everytime i get error which makes me feel that it would worthless for me as i got 9 REs only which would be waste of time for me to fill the form through ASBA than deposit to SCB. it would be better for if i manage to sell.Can someone guide me that how could i do ?

If you don’t want to apply for rights shares and want to sell the RE’s, you’ll just have to place sell order during market hours, just like you normally do while selling stocks.

Hi, I am not able to apply for rights issue on SBI or any other platform as I don’t see it on the list.

please help

The banks must have not made the service available.

Alternative for you is to submit application by visiting the bank branch, process explained above.

What i have to fill up in amount blocked ?

for 1500 shares? though I am entitiled for only 1081 shares

As you want to apply for 1500 shares, you will have to enter Rs 1875. You will get guaranteed allotment for the number of RE’s you hold, for the remaining quantity the allotment will be done on lottery basis, if you don’t receive the allotment, remaining funds will be returned back to you.


Any update on Urja Global listing? Yesterday was the listing date right?

The above dates are tentative. The company announced the allotment of partly-paid shares yesterday. The listing of shares should happen in the coming days.