Everything You Need to Know About Vedanta Delisting

Yes, you are right
If your bid is above DP, shares will be returned to you
My suggestion is to wait for first 3 days before bidding to get a sense of institutional bidding

Yes, your understanding is correct. All bids lower than Discovered Price / Exit Price will be accepted at Discovered / Exit Price.

Can this transfer made from cdsl easy, if someone found willing buyer off market can he transfer it online to his demat using cdsl instead of pyhsical dis-slip.

i am unable to see my submitted bid for vedanta delisting. i am getting option only to cancel bid.when i am looking at submitted bids i am only able to see number of shares and floor price 87.25 .please guide how to see my bid price

Not currently possible to see Bid Price on Console, you will receive contract note at the EOD, you can see your bid details there.

This should be possible, but if you are using Zerodha demat we recommend not to use Easiest.

any reason if you can give to justify your recomendation , and is it just recomendation or policy of zerodha?

When you register for easiest, the broker loses the POA over your DEMAT which would mean that you cannot sell shares from your holdings using your trading platform because the broker will no longer be able to debit your shares from Demat. You can read more here.

It’s not showing yet?? Please guide… I’m watching in IPO section console

This is not available in the IPO section, it is available under the Corporate Actions section, click here.

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Is poa compulsory for bidding

No, POA isn’t compulsory.

Can I bid even if my shares are not delivered yet after buying VEDL recently, but showing in my portfolio??

You can bid, make sure you have sufficient quantities in your Demat account by issue closing date.

my stocks are placed , still i placed bid request , will it be executed or cancelled. Currently its status is shown as pending

hi, suppose i don’t tender my shares in the delisting window (till eod 9th oct) … and the counter offer announcement (on 13th oct) turns out to be higher than market expectation and the stock goes up on 13th, can i still sell my shares on that day on the screen?

You can only tender your shares until 9th October, after that if Delisting is successful, you will have time until one year from date of delisting to tender your shares, the promoters will buy back the shares from you at the final Exit offer price. You can learn more here.

Pledged you mean, best if you unpledge. Your shares will be debited by offer closing date.

1)How long will Vedanta be trading based on dates announced?
2)If my bid is rejected,will my Vedanta shares be unlocked automatically,so dt I can sell my shares as a delivery order in next few days?

Once the Delisting price is discovered and accepted by the company the shares will continue to trade until the company completes all the necessary delisting formalities, exact date on which the shares will stop trading is not known yet.

If your bid is rejected, your shares will be returned to you automatically.

Until the shares are trading on the exchange, you should be able to sell.

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