Ex date and record date for dividend

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Today (02.09.20) I bought Hindalco fot BTST/Swing Purpose
After bought I have noticed that its Ex-Dividend date is 03.09.20
So, my questions are :

  1. Will I eligible for this dividend if I sell those shares tomorrow on ex-dividend date (03.09.20) ?

  2. If not then up to which date I need to hold my position to get the dividend of those shares ?

  3. And how do I get those dividends ?

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Yes, you are eligible for Dividends when you sell the shares on ex-date.

These dividends will be credited to your trading account.


Thanks @ShubhS9

That means which share I bought today I can sell tomorrow on ex-date to get dividend ?

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Yes, when you buy before ex-date and sell on ex-date you are eligible to receive dividends.

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@ShubhS9 is it not necessary to have the shares in demat account? In the above scenario, the shares bought will be T1 and not delivered to demat yet?

Explained here.


On Friday, I bought Muthoot Finance shares, today’s EX-date for the dividend. If I sell shares today, will I get the dividend?

Yes. You will be eligible to receive dividends if you sell the shares on ex-date. Explained in detail here.


As far as I know, you don’t receive dividends if you sell your shares before the ex-date. However, if you continue to hold the shares, you may qualify for the next dividend.

Yes, you will be eligible for the next dividend.However, the rule will be the same for next time, so you have to sell after the next ex date for the next dividend.