Ex-Div price Adjustment - Taparia Tools Ltd

Hi Team, this is a penny cap stock (Taparia Tools Ltd). I have a technical query and would to get an answer. It is trading around 10 and has declared 77.5 as dividend per share. Ex-Div date was yesterday. This is highly illiquid and mostly in circuit limits. How can a stock trading at 10 declare 77.5 as dividend?


Has it ever traded at the CMP? :dizzy_face:

No idea. Never knew of this stock. Looks like manipulated one. But technically wanted to understand what would have happened on ex-date. No trades happened and so no change to LTP. Nothing happened :slight_smile:

It’s not the first time they’ve given such a dividend looks like.

I have bought their products from Amazon. They make tools. (Pretty decent) I always assumed it was some Chinese import rebranded and sold. From their exchange filing, they seem to be manufacturing locally :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: