Exact time for placing first and last order in each segment

I would like to know the trading time of each segment. Since intraday trades are auto squared off at 3.20pm. Can we place nrml/cnc orders until 3.29 in every segment?

Also what about pre-market and post-market order? do FnO trades are placed in this order?

I have recently shifted from intraday cash segment to nrml options. And I seem to have missed this crucial piece of information.

In Equities and F&O, Yes.
For Currency, MIS positions are squared off at 4:45, You can place NRML orders until market closes at 5:00.
For Commodities, MIS positions are squared 25 minutes before market close, You can place NRML orders until the market closes at 11:30.

F&O don’t trade in the pre-market or post-market. Any order you place will execute at 9;15 when the market opens.

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Thank you.