Excel upload of csv format

hi…I want to trigger an alarm whenever stock xyz hits price levels that I specify via text file or Excel import? I have a long list of stocks (all future stocksl )that I want to track so I would like to import the list via text file or Excel spreadsheet rather than entering hundreds of limits by hand daily.
Basically looking for 2 alerts points to be filled for each stock(215 stocks x 2 = 430 data points)

Can i expect an upgraded version of the app

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Currently it is not possible to import triggers but will check the possibilities with our team.

Any updates on this subject, I want to upload a csv with the alerts as there are about 100 and i dont want to be sitting and feeding this info manually.

Any updates on this? Long awaited.

I also tried creating a long formula involving multiple stocks and pasted into advanced trigger but it simply does not create the trigger - loader on ‘Create’ button keeps rotating.

any update on this excel import … because it is really helpful to track stock price

Since last 2 years awaiting for reply.