Excel utilities for trading and analysis

Traders uses a lot of excel utilities to trade and analys trade and market strategies. Any one have such tool with purpose which can be shared.

I have uploaded a trade calculator excel sheet. I use it to calculate the breakeven levels and profit/loss of each trade that I do.

Here is the link:

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U Can use Excel for variety of Purpose…But some Examples are…

U Can get Real time Stock Data in Excel through RTD if Ur Trading Terminal Supports RTD Server…

U Can use Excel with RTD to Plot Chart on Amibroker…

Can be used to Import Quotes from Yahoo/Google

Can be used to import BHAV/EOD data from NSE Website

U Can build some mathematical indicators in Excel to Take Trading Decision.

U Can fire Orders from Excel to Trading Terminal

Find out Top/Bottom Stocks…52wks High/Low Stocks…Top/Bottom Volume Gainer …

The list goes endless…

and ALL Depends what is Your Requirement

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May be useful


Find below some of the useful Excel based trading systems:

  1. Range Breakout system on Daily Timeframe
  2. Moving Average Trading System
  3. Profitable Intraday Trading System
  4. Buy Sell System for volatile stocks

Good one. learning from that file . Thank you Sir.

Thank you Sir.

Hey Choks really enlighting information !!! Can i have link where i can do all these things i mean i know excel very well but to learn how to do the above things in excel…please

Hi Faruq…
will upload some sample excel files for Get Started…