Execution of Option Trades Quickly

HI Folks,

Is there any way to execute Option Trades on Zerodha much quicker (at exact time 9:15) on the same day?

If we want to concurrently execute 2-3 trades, then a basket order is sufficient?

Whenever I exit an option position in profit (happens with BN), say at 1200/. when the trade is completely executed, my profit comes down to 800/.

Are there any very efficient ways to tackle this problem of volatility and execute my trades quickly?


Any suggestions?

Sell limit order should help you to avoid such loss of profit.

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No way, if the orders are market then it is bound to have vast slippages and limit then there are chances of orders getting not executed.

How about IOC order type? Such slippages won’t be there, right?

No use in this case, IOC is immediate or cancel, so IOC market will have slippages.