Exit a trade after 15 mins from the entry

Hi @Streak

I want to exit a trade after 15 mins from the entry in the trade.

Ex: Trade entered at 1:10 PM and I want to exit the trade at 1:25 PM irrespective of the P&L.

can you please help me to write the exit condition for it.

Hi @AmazingNik

Please note that unfortunately, there is no such indicator available that will help you exit after a specific time. I have forwarded your requirement to the relevant team for further discussion and consideration.

However, a workaround can be created for your condition. For example, let’s say that your strategy timeframe is 5mins and you want to exit after 15 mins from the entry. So in this case, we can write the condition that Volume(-2) equal to Trade candle(Volume,0). Here, if you notice, I have used the -2 offset in the volume indicator, this is because as you know Streak generate triggers only after the closing of the candle, and in this case, our timeframe is 5mins and we want an exit after 15mins i.e. 3 5min candles.

So, basically, the above condition will wait for 3 5min candles to close and then it will check if the -2nd candle’s volume (i.e. the 3rd candle from the current/0th candle) is equal to the trade candle’s volume, which will be the same (in most cases), as the -2nd candle will be the trade candle.

It should be noted that this is just a workaround and it is possible that it does not work all the time because there can be a scenario where the -1 candle (for example) has the same volume as the trade candle, so the alert can come before 15mins. I would recommend you to properly backtest and paper trade this condition before deploying it in the live market.

Hope this helps.