Exit based on P/L position

I am an absolute beginner in automated trading/signal genration. I just want to know if it is possible to generate an exit signal based on live p/l value for eg say when +5k/any absolute value/2% profit on capital is reached? If yes What would be the best platform to code such a strategy and can our live profit/position data be linked to such a third party software?Can it be done in @streak

Hey @sandrocottos,

Yes, you can create strategies in Streak, which will monitor your target and stop loss. However, currently you can only set percentage(%) target and SL. Option to set an absolute SL and TP would be added in the future.

@Krishnendu Help me with the following case. For eg I have shorted 2 options ce and pe in a short strangle both at 25rs with 100qty. Now If I want to exit/be alerted when profit reaches 1000rs/10 pts combined from these 2 shorted options. How do I go about that in ur present framerwork of target(%). Can you explain with these same example?Are such combined target based exits available as of now?

Can we set trailing stops?

If you use BO deployments, you can add TSL while placing the order. Alternatively, you can use indicator-based TSL using ATR TSL, Supertrend etc.

This is not currently possible. However, we would be introducing features which would enable you do implement this in the future. Stay tuned!

BO on Zerodha? That’s hardly available when you want it.