Exit based on P/L position

I am an absolute beginner in automated trading/signal genration. I just want to know if it is possible to generate an exit signal based on live p/l value for eg say when +5k/any absolute value/2% profit on capital is reached? If yes What would be the best platform to code such a strategy and can our live profit/position data be linked to such a third party software?Can it be done in @streak

Hey @sandrocottos,

Yes, you can create strategies in Streak, which will monitor your target and stop loss. However, currently you can only set percentage(%) target and SL. Option to set an absolute SL and TP would be added in the future.

@Krishnendu Help me with the following case. For eg I have shorted 2 options ce and pe in a short strangle both at 25rs with 100qty. Now If I want to exit/be alerted when profit reaches 1000rs/10 pts combined from these 2 shorted options. How do I go about that in ur present framerwork of target(%). Can you explain with these same example?Are such combined target based exits available as of now?