Exit condition based on higher price

I want a exit condition based on below scenario.

Suppose: entered in trade at 9.20 for rs.100. At 10am price went to high of 150 (50% high) when this price comes below 30% high auto trigger should happen.

Basically i m trying to make dynamic sl at each stages.

1.When high is between 5 -6% sl should be 2%
2. When high is 10% then sl should be 5%

@Streak @Hitesh_Streak @Kunal_Streak @Rahul_Revankar

Hi @Friend4youandme

This cannot implemented currently. Will share this as feedback to the relevant team and they shall look into this for future implementation.

@Streak thanks for reply,
Can you help me to write exit condition this atleast
after 11 minites of trade should exit (on 1 min chart)