Exit strategies

Hello, can anyone suggest exit strategies for investors, holding for weeks to months? I am aware of several strategies to enter or add stocks, but none to define when to exit. Your advise please.

On weekly or monthly charts, exit near to resistance (inverted hammer, bearish engulfing candle, etc)


Thank you. I think these are based on charts. Is there some material to understand more on this? Are there simpler strategies based on LTP etc that can be quickly checked?

The answer to this would depend on whether you rely on fundamentals or technicals for your entry / exit.

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It is more a combination of fundamentals and technicals. Invest in stocks where consistent growth, ROCE are present. However, even for these core / satellite portfolio, I am struggling to come with exit strategies. Are there relatively simpler strategies on arriving at stop loss number that can be triggered in case of a fall.

it’s contradictory, this isn’t investing

if you hold for weeks-months, then I’d suggest you to exit on change of trend
Higher-Highs, Lower-Lows, but there is more to it

try partial entries like 30-30-40

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There are a lot of exit strategies according to your entry strategy. Each exit has its own style depending on your analysis.

But the best exit strategy of all is trailing your profit. While trailing, remember one thing. Don’t trail on the basis of the percentage of your profit. Trailing should always be based on your chart analysis.


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