Expense Ratio of MF


The Expense Ratio of India bull ultra short term debt growth fund changes.i want to know how it changes and how to to know when it change
Few days ago this mf has expense ratio of 0.25 and now it is 0.32. I have uploaded the screenshot of two Expense Ratio of same fund.
What are the factor related to Change in Expense Ratio and how it will affect my earnings??

This is completely at the discretion of the Asset management company, one cannot really time this.

As and when the expense ratio reduces, the return on your investment increases. Btw, as far as I know, such changes in expense ratio is not very common.

Hello @Karthik sir,@siva
Is there any correlation between Expense ratio and the AUM of MF(I.e whether increase or decrease of AUM effects the ER?) .I have seen same AMC increasing the Expense ratio in one quarter and then decreasing it few quarters later. What decides the ER change? Is it one of the check that investors have to do to filter out MF’s during fund selection?

I have a question to ask. Recently I have been purchasing Edelweiss Small Cap MF through Coin. Initially, When I bought the expense ratio is at 0.52% now it’s nearing almost 0.60% (even though I’m investing in it) How this will affect my recent purchases at 0.52% will the 0.60% will affect my return on 0.52%?

ex:- 5000/- @0.52% (Oct 2022)
2000/- @0.60% (mar 2023)