Expirey day trading


First time tried monthly expiry trading . Its low risk , only 1 lot ,Rs 400 in risk trade. Will try 2nd may also.


Did you buy that option?


Yes i only buy.


Expire day trading.

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How to trade that pls give rules


Is it a long straddle , and are you able to consistently profit from buying options on expiry or it’s only starting.


On expiry day time value become negligible hence option become cheap. If i bought rs 50 option sl is 25 where chances are high that it may become 100 to 250. It hapen only in expiry day. Today i capture almost 100 points in 29900pe.


Probably one of my best expiry trades in the recent months …
Sold only calls in the current week contract ( and did some minor trades in next week nifty options )


how many lots you sold ?


probably 600/700


how much margin did you broker gives per lot for intraday


No its naked option. I have 5 yr experience, i know my weak point and GAMBLING PSYCHOLOGY, now going through strict discipline amd making money slowly. Betting small and love to taking small loss change my trading journey .


i have 3 accounts … astha gives 5 to 20 times , alice gives 3 to 10 , wisdom gives 5 to 15 …
more than leverage , we shld bother about the terminals and backoffice support


another expiry gone well … did it in nifty instead of usual bank nifty


I am not a huge follower of day trading as I think it is closer to gambling. I never been able to make good profit from short-term trades. I do not know the particular reason behind it but it is happening with me from the first day. Can you suggest me a good advice in this regard?


When you already said it’s gambling. Stay out of it! You need ability to understand market structure and find out using indicators price mechanism.

Simply you cannot say it’s gambling just because trades were not favorable to you.

First learn then trade! @CarryGolen


Which broker and how’s service ?


bro … still testing some leverage brokers

among the leverage brokers , astha has got the best service … they give odin , by default mkt orders for options are disabled and basked orders through odin are difficult
i am trying wisdom now … opened an account with zebu but they are incosnsitent when comes to leverage these days
another one is alice blue…

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Upto 10x angel broking is giving best offer.
Upto 15/lot icici giving insane levrage


do we need to put bracket/cover orders in angel ?

i am not sure how reliable icici terminals are now … was really pathetic earlier when i started