Expiry Day Selling Profits?

Hi, I am not very experienced as a trader so kindly excuse if you find this a very basic query.

From what i have read expiry day option selling is highly profitable due to high theta decay. Expert traders like PR Sundar and Jegan trade heavily on expiry day.

I understand they use intraday leverage which compounds their profits but from what i understood the premiums available on expiry day are very very low as theta is maximum. For a strike price which is 300-400 points away in banknifty on thursday the premiums will be very low.

So how much profits % can one practically generate on expiry day ? How does it compare with weekly positional trades held till expiry? Please do share your experiences.

Thanks for your views in advance guys !

@Riyas_Ahamed, Riyaz bhai please do share your experience

I would suggest you to invest time in learning the markets and its various instruments first rather than chasing high risk high return strategies. Only experienced traders who know what they are doing should be in the option writing business.

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