Expiry day trading

Can i treading last 5 minutes option expiry in OTM price NIFTY or bank nifty if buy near OTM price put or call suppose bank nifty 25000 and we buy put 25400 PE at 0.05 , Can i sell it 0.10 ???

Forget options. Focus on investing. If you dont have much capital then learn trading intraday stocks.

After you have mastered intraday then you can think of options.

Regarding your query, if bank nifty is at 25000 then strike price 25400 PUT is not OTM.
It is deep in the money by 400 rs.

It will be call of 25400 which will be OTM & no use buying it in last minutes of trading bcuz it will expire with zero value.
Unless there’s some BIG BIG move in the last 15 mins, but that event rarely happens.

I read 25400 put as 24500 put. I am not sure if this is what the original poster intended.