Explosive movement


In last 3 days Nifty moved 4% in single direction very rapidly.



You can easily track major momentum here


But such kinds of stuffs give information after the stocks have moved significantly. I want to scan the stocks by which we can predict explosive movement with the help of charts.


For that you need Vwap momentum scanners with MFI, I don’t think Zerodha has any such tools in their system. I use tradingview to scan such stocks.


It happened right on the head of an event (Budget), so why you want any indicator for this?

Market was in range from Election date till Budget date. So it was expected market may break the range post budget.

That’s what happened. No need of any indicator or mathematics to trade this move atleast.

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can you please mention the indicators used in the chart


PPO percentile rank by Chris Moody which detects the upward range, Vix Bollinger for detecting bottom ranges, wave channel 3D moving avg and murrey math lines.

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This move in Nifty is because of unsatisfying budget outcome. To catch these moves in stocks there must be major positive/negative event related to that stock or you have to follow price atcion approach, if you use indicators which are lagging in behaviour they tell us about that move once it happens which is of no use.


May be Chartink scanner https://chartink.com/screeners is useful for you , and you need to filter out the scanned stocks with the help of chart indicators . and also i am posting screen shot of chartink scanner , which i use it .


I use Amibroker for real time scanning and alerts. Hands down the best software in the market right now.


Got a couple of DMs asking about Amibroker.

Watch this video; it will answer all the basic questions about Amibroker.


Amibroker doesn’t provide OrderFlow Charts like NinjaTrader.



Market Profile is just another AFL…here it is for today


I am talking about footprint charts.



OMG, there is so much to learn.

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Yes of course , there are many of Trading system sellers, but many of them are non affordable and are ,for the traders , having capital more than 20lakhs!!!

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Yes there are so many things to learn!!!
But do we need to learn all of them!!!

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I know very well the effect of event day. IN non event days…most of the stocks remain choppy …while few stocks get explosive movement either upside or downside. So my questions is can we make a scanner by which we can predict the explosive movement? Breakout or breakdown of a specific price.


Thanks TIMEFRAME…I have made a scanner in CHARTINK. The scanner is triange pattern.

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I am uploading one more EOD TRIANGLE PATTERN scanner. Senior please guide will it be helpful to scan breakout or breakdown of stocks to get explosive movement??