Extension of trading hours

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What are your thoughts on the proposal to extend trading hours at NSE / BSE?

@nithin - will appreciate your view from broker perspective.



What we have is good

Lifestyles are built around this

No point being greedy ,increasing stress & losing a healthy lifestyle


Unwarranted ! We oppose it.

not necessary at all…current timings are good…

I feel it’s unnecessary to extend trading hours, as per my view it doesn’t make sense to extend. If they extend then every trader, bank guys everyone has to extend, it increases the cost of business. It changes our lifestyle, even it’s good to markets (NIFTY) is having bad day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can trade commodity once nifty is closed :slight_smile: that way you can trade from 9.15 am to 11.30 pm.

Current time is good

accually its good for traders but brokers loose money because yet following some old pettrn like shares transfering to demate what ajoke means if we sell the stock today imidiately delete from D -mate account but if buy shares it will hit after 2 days this big gambling underway so oppose extend time for trading if extend market will another landmark will happen in word share tradeing

Good for traders. Can trade till US markets open with stop loss. Can catch most global events.

Also many who are using Dubai. Singapore and US markets for hedging can do in Indian Markets which will bring more volumes to Indian Markets.

Disadvantage for brokers. They need to have more employees ( But Advantage for MODI ). But More traders will participate who are working elsewhere.

We can also capture most corporate and govt events like Results , GDP and Inflation numbers these are announced after market hours now.
This will reduce losses to many traders. Gap up / Down Risk will reduce.

I in fact wrote feedback to MODI for extended trading hours six months back.

@harshendrasingh will be Happiest person :grinning:


don’t know technicalies involved as i’m new & learning .
it would make me very happy if they extend derivative market ( index, commodities, currency) 24 hours> to catch news flow & global events :grinning: . as i can manage my risk better & offer flexibility to move from one asset to another & shift my timetable :grinning:

experienced traders may shed more light on this

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As a trader - I like the idea because there have been so many times when you couldn’t react to US market opening or news that usually comes around that time. As a broker - I like the idea because that would mean more business. But many mid sized brokers may not like this because it would put stress on their operations - like having two shifts for people working and etc.

But yeah, this is a tricky one. If I had an option, I’d keep maybe the Nifty/index derivative trading 24 hours a day similar to the US markets. Anyone who wants to hedge/factor in macro news can then use this instrument.


yes most news that affects nifty comes around midnight to 3 am north korea , trump . :grin: we are missing on all those

it would create new oppurtunities for govt, brokers , nse as many people who don’t trade due to jobs wud join in . many others would be be curious as this would trading 24 hours . also 24 hours entertainment :grinning:

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Why are these media houses so against it ?

Because their foreign masters will affect. Singapore have instments in NSE.


Money Control and TV18 is owned by Reliance no relation with foreign masters :thinking:

Planting paid articles is not that difficult in Indian media. I read similar view in some other media as well.

Exchanges themselves are not doing anything useful to retail traders. Their preference is HFT and FII .

I believe just extending the trading hours is of no use. From trading perspective, it wud lead lead to some lean trade hours with low volume. So, all the moving average strategies will start behaving erratically as all the moving avrgs start converging with passage of lean time comaparitively.

I believe instead of just extending the trading hours, the exchanges shud split the trading hours into two sessions, morning session n evening session. Morning session between 10am-2pm. Evening session between 6:30pm-9:30pm totalling to 7hrs of trading duration compared to 6.25hrs of current duration.


  1. Indian Working professionals can participate in the evening session full time :-)).
  2. NRIs can also participate in Indian market during evening session in real time.
  3. FIIs need not go anywhere to hedge becos of global events.
  4. By this way, all the global market trading hours are covered during our market hours.
  5. Corporate Announcements can be banned during market hours as they can do before 9.45am or between 2pm-6.15pm. Unnecessary erratic price movements can be avoided during market hours.
  6. Ppl working at brokerages wont feel the burden as they get sufficient break to handle the extension.
  7. High turnover can be expected at the brokerages in compensation fr extension.
  8. Both equity n commodity market can be synched and all the exchanges nse, bse, msei will hv equal playing field.
  9. Derivative expiry can happen with the end of morning session to avoid any headache in the evening time :-))

Wht do u say @nithin?

Two separate sessions with a break in between would mean a lot of pain for all businesses supporting capital markets :slight_smile:


Maybe not 7.30 pm but 5.30 pm at the most. I prefer the current 3.30 pm setup as of now.

I prefer 24 Hours Trading.

But opposed by Full Service Brokers only. It will be Death Sentence for them. So planting stories against Extended trading hours.

I wake up at 3am and sitting idle till 8am. Like me many are free at different times so do trading at their convenience.