F&O activation regarding


I have zerodha account and only equity segment is activated. I want to activate f&o segment. I am student, hence no salary, no itr, no form 16 but I am having bank balance of 1lakh. Can I attach the bank statement with 1 Lakh as balance for activating f&o?? I need help urgently.

Thank you


U need to submit 6 months bank statement. U can check this in zerodhas support portal.


I know but it’s like a account with no income but just balance of 1 Lakh that I want to know. Would it work?


I also face same problem like you,
Then i notice there is an easy option to give income proof (for all student and unemployed persons)
It is (Demat Statement of holding)
What you have to do is make Investment,
Buy any companies share and keep it in your demat,
After that go to CDSL website and register for (easi) with your bo id,
Then when you loggin to website, you have an option to save and download (statement of holding) as PDF From CDSL, Which will have info regarding your share holding pattern like companies name, quantity etc

You have to download the pdf and attach it in demat holding statement form of income proof.
That’s all your F&O segment will activate.

You can give Demat statement of holding as income proof in zerodha.
happy trading


Is there any minimum amount for which the investment is needed. Can I buy shares worth of say 10k and show it as income proof?


Its better if you buy shares worth 50k and above and show it as income proof.