F&O best Strategy to start off

Hi anybody can share a tips start F&O i am planing to start… where as in Intraday i can say Zerodha is best

I want get explore in F&O too…

what’s your capital?

Daily one trade , max risk per day 2k , max profit per day 4k+ trail profit.

Find gap up and gap down stocks at 9.20.

Draw a line on gaps , keep entry when gap is broken below gapup or above gapdown

Example :

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Thank you vishnu…

Timeframe and what moving average on volume and period of moving average on volume?

50k is my capital

Ok, here we need to consider volume at the same time.

then i would suggest you to stay away from FNO :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you suggest as a good capital for trading Bank Nifty futures?

2-5L would be sufficient capital, for a start.

If you want to learn options start with spreads

I don’t think that Rs. 1-2lakh is must for fno trading. I have been trading bank nifty option only since last 2 years. 5k capital with consistently 10% capital gain is enough for me.my target set is between 500-1000 daily basis.loss max Rs 600. I’m from mediocre family and also have a job.so it is enough for. Top class strategies won’t work for you if your mind become greedy.so keep away greed from tradin. Best of luck.

If this is your first time trading then it would be better if you start with cash market and not with futures.
And specially for intraday don’t start with futures.

for example : if you trade with 1 lot which has 2k shares and you put stop-loss of 1.5 points and if you lose the trade, the loss will be 3k and if you loose for 5 days…the loss will be around 15k, making a heavy dent on your capital.
But if you start with equity markets…you can buy 100 shares for start and can experiment many strategies while your loss will be minium.
considering that you will start with indicators which will make your more losses than profit.

…may i know which indicator help for option trading

If your capital is very less , its not worth to trade in stocks & Index derivatives , but you can do it with less capital in Currency derivatives. To be success full trading in Stocks & Index derivatives , need capital of at least 10 lkh - 20 lkh still you can do it , if you are afford to loose money & learn how to do it. its like paying a tuition fee . I think this link is useful for you to learn about option strategies , use " spread -“option strategies” to download the module on the page.

I am talking about trading with proper risk management, of course you can start trading FNO with just 5k capital with some brokers, and can blow your account in 2-3days,

if you have to appetite to risk 10-20-30% of your capital in a single trade, go for it, i have no authority to stop you or anyone to do that :slight_smile:

I have 4 demat account.but I mainly trade with upstox. Ok I’m going to explain with details. My trading experience in equity market is 3 years.I have started with intraday :innocent:. And luckily my beginners luck not support me and I take approx 50 k loss within 7 days. Then getting some knowledge and growing accuracy. After 3 years in intraday trading I have started in FnO bank nifty with 5k capital only.
Only one lot is enough for gaining 500- 1000.
For example… Buy…Bnf 1lot slight otm @ Rs 150 x20 =3000 and square off it Rs 180- 210 = 3600- 4200
Stop loss in mind.not in system for 25-30 points = 500-600.
But at first you have to much more knowledge about reversal.bcz I take position only in reversal point.
Ok I will share tomorrow my profit and loss whatever I will book.

I trade using my smart phone at office. Bollinger band and stochastic this two indicators are useful for me. Time frame is 10min, 15min and 1hrs for reversal.who trade in bank nifty they know it is very very tuff.not like nifty

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good for you, but i wouldn’t suggest anyone with a small capital like 50k to start trading in futures or options as risks are high, 5-6 trades with 10% risks can easily blow up an account.

if you know what you’re doing in the markets, go ahead, i like to risk only 2-3% of my capital in one trade since he was a beginner in the markets i suggested him to stay away from FNO, Cheers

I suggest to every beginner don’t enter in fno market before 2-3 years experience in equity intraday market.no matter 5k or 50k.without proper knowledge if you enter in fno market then not so much time required to lose 50k . Risk and money management is everything for you.:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: