F&O trade size and details

  1. Can anyone help how many lots I can enter at one time and exit at one time?

  2. While exiting Can I sell double the number of lots to go short same time is it possible?
    (Ex. 10 Lots added of nifty @17000 and want to exit at 17600 while exiting I can place 20 lots order same time to go short is it possible?)

  3. Is there any difference between Individual and business account as compared to lot size entry and exits?

This is decided by the exchange. Quantity freeze is calculated for underlying on the last trading day and will applicable during the next calendar month. You can download the excel list on Quantity freeze limits from NSE website

It is Possible

As per my knowledge , no difference. Roughly 2.5 crore is the contract amount that is restricted per trade, quantity freeze limit is derived based on this

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