F&O Trading account

My Friend wants to open zerodha trading account in his wife’s name(already having trading account with other broker) to do F&O Transactions…but the problem is she is house wife and does not have any income proof like IT return…what are the documents needed for income proof…

Income proof is not required to open a FnO A/c with Zerodha.

Below are the list of documents required to open an A/c:

  1. ID Proof

  2. Address Proof

  3. PAN Card Copy

  4. Bank Statement of recent 6 months

  5. 2 Photographs

  6. Cancelled Cheque

  7. A/c opening charges cheque of Rs. 400/- (This can even be transferred/deducted later on from your trading a/c)

That’s it.

isnt income proof required for derivatives trading ??

The 6 months bank statement can act as an income proof. Income proof is mandatory for F&O

@Nithin Thanks for correcting me, I never knew Bank Statement acts as an Income Proof.

What should be done so that i can enable f&o trading. Can i submit online 6mnths bank account statement to enable it and how long it would take pls tell dear friends.

Yes, 6 months bank statement is all needed to activate FNO as per the replies above.

Does it matter if there is less transaction on 6 months bank statement

Not at all.
All you need is Active account with some funds in your Bank account.