Face Value from 5 to 2 for ALKYL AMINES

The FV of Alkly Amine changes from 5 Rs to 2 Rs. What happens to holding of a person with 23 shares?

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It increases proportionately. Your holdings will increase. If there are decimals then company will give cash. The second part not 100 sure but in the past i have got that wY


it is simple… just divide 5 by 2… so after stock split from facevalue of 5 to 2 your 1 share turns into 2.5 now multiply it by 23… you won’t receive fractional allotment so the shares will come to 57…


Just curious if the split shares have been credited to your accounts yet?

For me it still shows the old number of shares at the split price.

so the fractional share’s amount will be credited to account.


Hi Siva,
I had 30 shares of Alkyl Amines before Stock Split, out which 29 were pledged. Currently it is still showing only 29 pledged stocks and 3 stocks in Kite Holdings. Can you please check this? Ideally there should be a total of 75 quantity. Username - UF 4715


It should show tomorrow.

Any timeline on the cash credit of the last 0.5 share for people who owned an odd number of shares?

Usually it will take 30 to 90 days and one will get cash to bank account.

Oh ok. Thank you!

By when th partial share amount will be credited to account haven’t received still

As per the communication by helpdesk of Alkylamines, it should be credited by 2nd week of june.