Facilitate to arrange open positions

Would be more helpful if the sequence of open positions [Open positions page] are allowed to be arranged according to the choice of individual trader as in ‘Marketwatch’. Thank you.

You can do that, on kite web there is search option on positions page, one can search accordingly, also one can click on headers and sort accordingly. Kite3 app has filters, can add any number of filters and sort accordingly, give it a try.

Sir, Thanks for the guidance. Will try right now.

Sir, made an attempt. What I have observed is that the partitioned part of ‘open positions’ page has no ‘tool’ to move the objects as in market watch. Plus sign with arrow heads. The sort function at the header arranges the objects according to the description of the subject.

Sir, is it possible to display the spot USD-INR rate somewhere on the currency futures section ? Thank you.

Will check but as spot trades 20 plus hours per day may not be possible.

Sir, just for the duration NSE works, 0900 to 1700 hrs.