Fault in bracket order while exiting order

Hi Zerodha,

Today 29 Aug 2018.

  1. I placed buy bracket order for grasim qty 500 Rs 1072.5 with target price as 2(Rs 1,074.50) and stop loss as 10(1064.5).
  2. Zerodha created multiple target orders and stop loss orders.
  3. price went to 1073.4 I decided to exit one order having qty 177.
  4. Selected order having qty 177 and where target price was 1,074.50 and modified it to 1073.4 and exited order from order book.
  5. surprisingly all sell target orders got cancelled and all stop loss order got executed with market order
  6. Made a loss in this entire trade. Please find below attached proof.


That’s how it works, if you want to close just one order then need to change price of that accordingly, if exit option is used then all the corresponding legs of parent order will be closed.

I modified 1 order having qty 177 to 1073.4 from 1074.5 and exited, in that case all corresponding parent target sell orders should exit at market order or with my modified price…

But all target sell orders got cancelled and stop loss sell orders got executed at market price…

This looks to me wrong… Also while selling price was 1073.4 but sell orders executed @ market order till 1072.05…

There should be some message about exiting parent leg orders…

Can check here on how BO works.