Favorite Intraday Scrip?

Hello Everyone

Please share your favorite Intraday scrips, and why they are favorite ?

There is No such Favorite Scrips for Successful Intraday Traders.
This Favourite Scrips is the Reason for Many Intraday Loss.
People Think This is My favourite scrip, and Take trade They Wanna Move The Scrip as per their thought process Just because This is Their Favorite Scrip. Really?

This Love of Favorite Scrip in Intraday Trading will Cost Only Loss.

Avoid Making any Favorite Scrip specially for Intraday Trades.

Go with the Market trend Choose the Scrip which is almost copying the Present Market trend.

If Market going Up Your Selected Scrip should Exactly copy the Uptrend.
If Market going Down Your Selected Scrip should Exactly Copy the Downtrend.


Mine : BPCL and Tatasteel! Good liquidity and good volatility.

Having a favorite intraday scrip and wanting the scrip to move as per your thought process are two different things right?

How do you do this, choosing a scrip copying the present market trend?

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Airtel and tatamotors are the best intraday stocks to trade in futures…u can make a good profits by trading in these stocks as they have a limited movement … they never swings wildly like other high value stocks for example sunpharma… suntv… zeel etc…

I am a newcomer & facing lot of losses :disappointed_relieved: any guide ?

infratel ko short karo yaron ,mast downward trend hai

Jsw steel my best intraday scrip


Intraday Trading is all about right entry and exit. Hence one should choose stocks based on following.

  1. Price Action
  2. Top Gainers, Top Losers, Most active.

If you are familiar with the Price action of Some stocks, nothing can be better than this. Else choose some stocks from 2 and ride the wave :slight_smile:

Always try to choose your stocks from NIFTY 200 list for Intraday, because they have good liquidity at any point of the day.

NOTE: Trend of a stock can be different from the overall trend of the market.


Jspl, price action

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Hi @shravan40 explained so nicely …

In volatile market that we have seen for last 3-4 days, no price action, strategy or technical indicators will work. Operators are at their busy best on these days.

Mindtree. You don’t get a better intraday mover than this nowadays.