Feature for maintaining a table of stocks with LTP > and LTP < alerts

There is already a post about import feature, which I upvote.

Along with that, what would be good is to give price levels on a table of stock (like maintaining a watchlist), where the alert levels and the alert enable/disable checkbox can be edited. Example screenshot below (replace Y/N by checkbox etc):


Also, currently when trying to set an alert on a symbol from kite, it opens up a fresh window and dialog, with need to enter information again - which is cumbersome when I just need to change alert level and enable a symbol which was already in my alerts list. Creation of duplicate alerts is another issue, because after a while multiple alerts will pile up in the list for the same symbol.

A sophisticated but very useful feature will be to put the edit focus on the already existing symbol in the alerts table when alert is sought to be set from kite. User can set the new levels for > and < alerts, and set enable/disable checkboxes.

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Agree currently using sentinel for alerts is very time consuming.